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*1957 Herat, Afghanistan

I was born in a village in Afghanistan. I do not wear a veil and have never worn one. The fate of thousands of Afghan girls was not for me to bear: my parents did not sell me, and I could choose my husband myself.

In Afghanistan I painted miniatures. Life’s zigzag led me to monumental art. My pieces of work are no longer tiny illustrations but radiant walls. Through my paintings on glass light is shed into sacred buildings or private places, in Europe as well as in the United States. I was shaped by three cultures – the Afghan, the Russian and finally the German society. These are my riches.

Harmony and beauty – to me both were and are nowhere better to discover, to see and to perceive than within nature. This is even true for nature’s destructive phenomena like earthquakes, storms and torrents. And whenever I succeed to gain one drop out of this ocean of harmony within the boundaries of my work, I feel a child’s happiness and can sense new strength growing within me at the same time.

What captivates me most deeply in art is the possibility to cross lines in peaceful calm – territorial, verbal, national, cultural or religious barriers, bounds of any sort. And that is, to me, freedom in the truest sense of the word. Freedom attainable to anybody.

With this attitude towards life I have been born, I think. The run of events surely has affected these emotions, my experiences and adventures have shaped and even enhanced them. And still, I feel like being at a beginning. (Photo: Matthias Haslauer)

1957 I was born near the town of Herat in Afghanistan
1975-1978 I studied chemistry and biology and later worked as a highschool teacher in Herat
1979 I married my art teacher, the miniature painter Fazl Maqsoodi
1980 a scholarship first led to a one-year-stay in Tashkent/Uzbekistan and then
1981-1987 to Saint Petersburg for a course of studies at the Faculty of Ceramics and Glass at W.I.Muchina Academy, from where I graduated with a degree
1989-1993 doctorate in art history at the W.I.Muchina Academy with a treatise about „The Tradition of Ornaments within Contemporary Afghan Ceramics“
1994 relocation to Munich; we were being granted asylum for political reasons


1976 Herat/Afghanistan, Exhibition hall
1978 Kabul/Afghanistan, Library of the Kabul University
1980 Tashkent/Uzbekistan, Science Academy
1985 St.Petersburg, Art Arena
1987 St.Petersburg/ Minsk/ Warschau, Diploms Project ( Motifs from Herat)
1988 Moscow, House of Friendship
1999 Munich, Pasinger Fabrik
2000 Munich, Museum Fünf Kontinente
2001 London, Crypt Galery St. Martin in the Fields
2002 Bonn, Frauenmuseum, Move away, Exhibition
2003 Aachen, Ludwig-Museum, Isaaq and the white elephant, Exhibition
2004 Munich, Gasteig/Glasshall, Long night of women
2005 Bonn, Landes-Museum
2008 Munich, Trudering Cultural Center
2017 Munich/Berg, Katharina von Bora-House

Dr. Mahbuba Elham Maqsoodi
Postfach 45 04 12, 80904 Munich